MDYNI Car Instrument Panel Tempered Glass Film Display GPS Protective Film Navigation TPU Film Accessories,for VW Jetta 2021 2022

Materials can be installed with TPU soft film multiple times, and the tempered glass can be clearly durable.
Color, Transparent.
Packaging, 1 Set.
Screen protectors provide protection and bless friends to live a happy life, thank you.

Regarding the characteristics of TPU, it is a soft film that can be installed and clear multiple times.
TPU installation instructions, please spray water on the film and screen to help squeeze out the bubbles. If the installation fails, please tear it out and reinstall it.
The characteristics of the tempered film are scratch resistance and high clarity, which can effectively reduce fingerprints.
Regarding the installation instructions of the steel film, dry the screen with a wet towel, wipe off the dust with a clean bag, stick the fine hair with non -dry glue, and use it on the screen.
The packaging contains assembly instructions and attachment installation auxiliary tools. If you have any questions, please contact us in time.

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